CASA H, Bulgaria

CASA H, Bulgaria

Apartment PA

Year: 2021
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Space: 60 m²
Status:in construction
Team: AtoMore

The apartment is a residence of a young couple located in the capital. The interior solution answers the busy daily life of working people. The purpose requires space to be used during the work week in the big city. Ability to cover all necessary needs. 

Both premises are fully glazed to the urban environment, which allows for maximum light and spaciousness despite the limited square footage.

The dining table occupies a central place, which allows zoning and a transition from the living room to the kitchen without setting boundaries between the two. They are open and coexist. The kitchen is designed without tall units from floor to ceiling, and the line of the kitchen counter continues continuously along the entire length of the room, passing to the living room, forming a workplace.

The floor, as the main architectural element of the space, dominates with its identity and elegance. Large-sized planks of selected high-quality “Douglas” coniferous wood give a distinctive look and a feeling of calmness and harmony. All other furniture is plain and simple, subservient to the fine structure of the floor.


Buzovgrad village, Bulgaria

House HA is located in the foothills of Sredna Gora. It is an old monolithic house that unites an existing and a new structure. Going through a complete renovation, the house rethinks the functional givens and along with that adds to its integrity a new annex to create new spaces and views of the surrounding garden.

In designing the new structure in order to adapt it to modern living needs, the approach was aimed at creating a harmonious unity despite the fact that the two buildings were built in different periods. This connection is most tangibly felt in the unified structure and materiality of the individual parts. The monolithic walls, built in the outline of a clean orthogonality, calmly manage to build the connection with the existing house while at the same time. And the large openings open to the garden, detailed with modern architectural details, boldly outline the new presence in the environment.

The modern extension allows a free restructuring of the functional solutions, as all the living, working and household needs are placed in the open plan of the ground floor, and the bedrooms are formed in the upper two floors of the old building.

The landscape approach is distinguished by attention and care to the existing tree vegetation, and the raw and cold concrete of the external structures only enhances the picturesque vegetation.